Friday, September 23, 2011

Eric in Leipzig: Lessons from the first day

Scientific congresses are, especially if you're a little student a place to learn a lot of new stuff. So far I learned the following lessons:

1st Lesson: Don't be cheap.
I wanted to save 12,50€ for an addional night in a bed in a cheap hostel and decided to arrive at Leipzig the day the conference started. Only Problem: The conference started at 10am. This forced me to spend my night in a train, which lead to the nice fact, that I had around 1 hour of sleep in the night from Wednesday to Thursday.

2nd Lesson: Don't attend to a course on geometric morphometrics when you're deprived of sleep.
Lesson 1 leads directly to Lessen 2. I remember some of the stuff that was mentioned in this course yesterday but the most parts of it, and I think those were the more important parts, I forgot about five minutes after they were told.

3rd Lesson: Speak more english!
I think that I understand english fairly well, be it spoken or written. I think I'm also able to write in english in a at least partially understandable way. But my spoken english is abyssimmal. I have next to zero practice in speaking english and therefore my pronounciation is just bad and unsophistacated. And as you might guess, it's pretty hard to ask intelligent questions if hearing yourself speaking gives you nausea.

Well, those are the lessons I learned yesterday. I also learned something anthropological, but nothing of it is related to this congress and besides, I learn something about Anthropology almost all the time.

Let's see what interesting stuff happens today.

P.S.: I'm pretty sure, the english in this post isn't very good as well. But please keep in mind that it's around 7am and I'm still a little bit tired.