Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A lot of trees here...

Those few and lucky people who read this blog on a more regular basis probably have realised that  a lot of the stuff I wrote recently dealt in some manner with phylogenetic trees.
On one hand this does not seem to be very suprising since taxonomic questions always were some kind of focus of this blog. However the other reason for this is because I finally found a suitable topic for my M.A. Thesis (yaaaay!). I won't write about the exact topic as of yet simply because I still need to write it down properly, but if you're interested, just look at the comments under this Post, it's mentioned in one of them.

I plan on covering the whole process of me writing the thesis, analysing my data and whatever else I need to do on this Blog. This is going to be my first real scientific work so it might be interesting to see what kind of stupid mistakes I make and in what kind of pitfalls and Problem I might run into. Also, I want to use this blog as a Plattform where I can write down some of the ideas I get while working on my thesis. In fact this is why I wrote my last post and there's another one coming soon.

In other news: This week I'm in Frankfurt at the Senckenberg-Museum to attend a congress about the ecology and organisms of the eocene. Since I'm mostly interested in primates and I don't have that much knowledge about fossil invertebrates and I also have to prepare my Thesis (yaaaay!), I will probably visit the conference only on Friday, since this is the "primate day".
Of course, good ol' "Ida" will be a big topic on this day and from what I can tell from the abstracts, I'm pretty sure the discussions are going to be very "interesting".