Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Apes (and other primates) on the internet -The digital morphology museum

I’m a huge fan of Internet Databases, such as the Nespos Database, where you can get access to CT-Scans of original fossils as well as recent specimens for your work.. However what always bothers me is that all those databases aren’t completely open to the public. For example to get access to the Nespos Database, you need to explain why you need access to it, you need to be a member of an academic institution and you need to pay for a membership.
These things make it rather difficult, if for example biology teachers want to use these materials during their courses (which would be a really great thing).
This is why I was really excited, when I read on Lawn Chair Anthropology about the “Digital morphology museum” of the university of Kyoto. Here you can take a look at their whole stock of CT and MRT-Scans of a bunch of different Primate specimens and, after a small registration process, you can even download these Scans for free.

Right now I’m thinking about something for which I can use this Database. Perhaps some kind of online course? I don’t know but I’ll come up with something.

If you want to take a look for yourself, you can do it right here.