Monday, July 18, 2011

I'm still alive!

Unfortunately this isn’t a Post with any real content. In fact, it’s one of those “I’m just writing something to show that I still intend to write something”-like Posts.

The last weeks were pretty boring on when it came to interesting paeloanthropology-related news and those Posts I tried to write were in fact so bad, that I didn’t finish them. And at last, right now I’m desperately trying to finish my studies and unfortunately even this isn’t going as easy as it used to be. I even thought (and tried) to write about the stuff I’m working on right now, because it’s indeed quite interesting, but I just couldn’t find a suitable way to write about it, yet.

Anyways, things are looking a little bit brighter in the near future since I’m going to two conferences later this year. The first one is the meeting of the “European society for the study of human evolution”, which is held in Leipzig by the end of September. I have no idea about the exact program of this meeting, but I’m always excited to get in touch with other people from my own field, so I think it’s going to be pretty interesting.

The second one is the one I’m really looking forward though, partly because it’s held in Frankfurt which means that I can sleep at home and not in some cheap hostel. The topic is also quite interesting since it’s about ecology of the eocene and the early evolution of primates. Giving the fact that there was a lot of noise around Ida in the last two years I’m pretty sure, that this meeting won’t be very boring. I intend to write something about those meetings, be it in preparation for them, or while I attend them, so keep looking forward to it.
I’m still trying to write something within the next weeks though. I have some Ideas which could be suitable for interesting posts, so let’s hope that I can at least finish at least two of them.