Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's been a while...

I just want to make sure, that I haven't forgotten about this Blog here. It's just that most of my german Posts I made in the last few months weren't really "worthy" to be translated. Also I was pretty lazy in the last few months, so that might be also a reason for this long period of inactivity.

Anyways, I'm going into my last "regular" Semester and hopefully I'm going into my last year as a undergraduate Student. So there are some pretty exciting things coming towards me and I hope that some of them would make good material for my Blog(s).
Until then, there will be some rather philosophically oriented posts in the next few weeks, since I'm attending a seminar with a really nice title, which I'm not able to translate (believe me I tried). In general, the seminar deals with philosophy of science and ethics in regards to the field of evolutionary Anthropology. I'm really interested in those kinds of questions and I'm really happy that there's is acutally a whole seminar dedicated to these things. And because I think, that those questions should interest a lot of people, I intend to write about some of them.